Roy Popiolek
Raabestrasse 10
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Roy Popiolek

Roy Popiolek
CEO LiveMap GmbH, Germany & CTO a dele:systems gmbh, Austria

Innovation, internet, and technology are Roy Popiolek's passions. As a serial entrepreneur, he has developed and delivered software solutions, educational programs, and GIS mapping solutions for international clients.

As a frequent member of the European Commission's advisory board for funding programs, Roy has been an EU commissions advisor, moderator, and reviewer for more than 10 years. Due to his experience, knowledge, and passion for technological solutions and research, he is a much-asked-for consultant for research institutes, agencies and companies in several countries.

Roy is CEO of his solution-driven LiveMap GmbH, developing GIS data / mapping and other web / tech solutions / products for his customers.

As CTO of adele:systems gmbh, Roy has the knowledge, experience, and visionary mind developing and delivering new and unique tolling and transportation solutions to empower a new standard for logistics and transport.

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